Monday, February 11, 2008

Crazy Week

What a crazy week we have had. I took a really bad fall on the ice. I was returning from lunch and went to get out of my car in the parking lot at my office, and went down in a blaze of fury. There was no time for me to grab onto my car door or anything. The door was open and I went down hard. My head hit the stepside of my Armada. I blacked out went down further to the ground. No one was around I figured from the time I got out of the car and got up it was 15 minutes. I think I was unconscience for 10 minutes. I brushed myself off,I was so nausaus I threw up. My vision was blurred and I was seeing spots like floaters and flashers. After I hit my head I smacked my upper back on the thick ice. I hobbled inside my office. My clothes were soaking wet from laying in the snow. I was in alot of pain. I was bawling. Dr. Fred came back from lunch an hour later. He worked on my head and back. The worst pain was from the back of my head right above the base of my neck. It is still so tender.I called my MD and he said I had a concussion and gave me a list of things to watch for. If I had contiued blurred vision they'd schedule a CT scan. I called and scheduled back to back massage appointments. I am going to continue seeing the massage therapist twice a week until I feel better.

Thursday I was on my way to work, Dr. Fred called me and said he was snowed in.He has never called in ever in the thirteen years I've worked for him. I couldn't believe it. They plowed where he lives and with the forty mile an hour winds all the snow blew in his driveway. He has a huge diesel truck and tried for a hour and a half to get out. I left Jake and Marli homw with Ryan. I dropped Conor off at my Dad's. I went into work to call all of the patients and get them rescheduled for Friday. I worked until 12:00. My Dad said he would keep Conor until he picked my mom up from work at 4:00. I went home made lunch, chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies and got dinner going in the crock pot. It was so nice to be home as a family. I was taking a nap with Marli when my parents came over. They ate dinner with us. We had porkchops, mashed potatoes, corn and rolls and cookies. It was yummy. Marli wasn't feeling well she had a cough for a couple days, but no other symptoms. Now she was bawling her ears hurt. So I took her into the doctor. She has a double ear infection as well as a upper respiratory infection. We went and got her prescriptions, and then ice cream from Reed's Dairy. Went home and we all had ice cream. Jake was a little under the weather,but not to bad. Ryan and I have been feeling a little sick too. I kept the kids home from pre-school Friday.

Here are a few of my favorite photos ..........

My Best Friend Jax

Conor on his blessing day

Marli Pooh

Ryan and Jakey

Ok so last September several friends recommended this book.........

I bought it and it's been sitting on my nightstand. Thursday I was so tired and restless. I COULD NOT fall asleep. I decided I would read. I looked at the books on my nightstand and decided I probablly wouldn't like this one and I'd get bored and fall asleep. So not the case I was up most of the night and could not stop reading. Ryan was at work and I had no desire to take all three sick kids out.Ryan's first day off will be Tuesday. It was pretty rough being home with all three sick kids for three days. I decided after getting the house clean and laundry down I would play with the kids and get them plenty of snacks so I could curl up with cranky Conor (who now was pretty sick, he wouldn't let me put him down he was feeling miserable, so sad it was breaking my heart)and my new obsessions this book. I was afraid I was going to finish it and not have the sequel New moon. I called my good O'le reliable Dad to see what he was up to. He was out and about. I asked him to go to Desert Book and pick up a couple books for me. He said "Sure No Probmem". I called Desert book asked if they had New Moon and the third Book Eclipse. They did I paid for it over the phone and while I was talking to the guy my Dad walked in the store. They handed him the sack and he was on his way to my house. Yippee! I can not believe how into this book I am. Two of my friends are reading it right now. We call each other and go off about certain things. Man I can't believe I finished it.... all 498 pages.

I found these photo's on the author's website.

Bella's 53 chevy truck

Most of the story takes place in a small town called Forks, by the Washington pennisula it's so green,because it rains pratically everyday.

Edward's Volvo

I'm already on chapter three of New Moon. I brought it to work with me today hoping after I caught up on my work I can sneek a few pages in. Next week I only have to work Thursday so I'm sure by the end of next weekend I'll have finished book three Eclipse. This is so frightening to me how obseessed I am at finding out what happens next. My really good friend Kristi who is also my VT partner and compassionate service partner said that there has been some contraversy on these books, her husband Ken manages both Desert Book stores in Idaho Falls. Some of the employee's won't recommend the books. The author graduated from BYU. I didn't find anything ofensive while reading it. It really takes a lot for me to get into a story, with three kids and work and church and BLAH,Blah,Blah. This was good therapy for me to have something I so look forward to doing that doesn't take much energy on my part. I feel so exhausted lately. This weekend was just what I needed. I feel like my batteries are recharged and I can make it through the week.

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Melissa said...

I'm so sorry you fell!! ...and got a concussion!! What the heck!? Bad day!! Are you feeing better? Sorry you had such a bad week with that happening and sick kids!! I hope you guys are doing better!!

Thanks for the book recommendation...I think I am going to read this one. I love reading books that you just have to keep reading. Fun!

I love you lots! Hope things start looking up for you. Hang in there!!