Monday, February 25, 2013

Trial Of Your Faith

Tonight I was on Facebook and a friend I went to school with posted things about being an ex-Mormon. He does this a lot & is always posting different things trying to basically bash the LDS church. After a very Spiritual Relief Society lesson yesterday I was prompted to say something. We went back & forth. I was prompted to bear my testimony. I hope it was received in the way I meant it to be....this is some of what I shared with him....

Yesterday a dear friend taught the R.S. lesson & it was on Neil L. Anderson's talk, 'Trial of Your Faith'.

It made me think about the times in my life when I have been in my darkest hours what helped me get through. I was 22 when I lost my best friend my grandfather & it was literally the most devastating thing I had ever faced. I remember sitting at his funeral & the Pastor was talking about how when we die our spirit's are floating around. I had the hardest time with his death & thinking what if that is really what happens when we die. It made me search for answers. I have taken several bible study classes in my life & couldn't find peace. I finally started taking the missionary discussions & honestly after much time on my knees praying I found peace. After much more prayer I made the choice to be baptized & then went through the temple a year later. A few years later my first born was 27 months old when he suddenly became very sick. He was diagnosed with cancer. He fought a courageous battle for 10 months. When he successfully made it all the way through his treatment which was the most aggressive protocol available...his cancer viciously came back with a vengeance. He waited patiently for his brother to be born. Our 2nd child Jacob was born & three days later our precious son Jaxon graduated with the highest honors from this world. So when people ask me how in the world I made it through that trial the only answer I have is Faith. I believe the church is true & I believe with every fiber in my being that I will be with my sweet son Jaxon again. The only thing I live for is my family & friends. I love them dearly & want to do my best everyday so I can graduate with honors. I have more non-member friends than member friends. I get it I truly do because I didn't grow up in the church. I hope you can respect my perspective & have an open heart! This was the most amazing lesson. There was not a dry eye in the room. I strongly suggest reading it if you haven't already. 

I was impressed that he took it well & was positive in his comments back & forth with me. It breaks my heart that someone so intelligent and spiritual...could fall away from the gospel. He served a mission & was married in the Temple. He loves reading the bible and discussing scripture. I'm not sure what happened for him to believe the church is no longer true. I'm grateful I had a desire to share my testimony with him & that it was received well. 

I have received several emails regarding the Facebook discussion. All were positive & to my surprise thanked me for my honesty & for sharing such personal experiences.  I'm thankful no one argued with me. Sharing your testimony isn't always the easy thing to do. In life a lot of times you can choose to turn your cheek or you can choose to speak your truth. Today I choose to speak my truth.

So my dear friend Kim posted on Facebook that Yesterday was her first time teaching R.S. with her new calling. Approximately 50% of the class was in tears. She also said she was not sure how to interpret that.

I left her this comment....

My interpretation is simply this...The Spirit was so incredibly strong & you my friend are AMAZING!!! You have an incredible gift...I never raise my hand & share & you somehow got me & others to share. The way you make us feel loved & safe is truly a gift. I know you put a lot of time & thought into the lesson & it is greatly appreciated. I'm grateful I was present & wish I could have had it recorded to watch with Ryan. Thank you my dear friend. I can't wait for your next one!

 P.S. I just reread my comment & I guess I didn't put it quite so simple...Sorry!

I'm so grateful I was there. It was a wonderful lesson & Kim did an incredible job. Kimmi McCoy Wheeler McCall thank you for sharing your Kleenex with me. I am so blessed to have you girls in my life.

The Fitch's have lived across the street from us for several years. Ryan, The Kids & I Love them dearly. They are our extended family & we are truly blessed to know them & have them as friends. Kim was Jacob's 1st scout leader & was truly amazing. They were also Marli's Primary teachers before that. No matter what calling they have had they have inspired our family. I know it is a miracle & blessing that they moved in the neighborhood.

Yesterday I subbed Jacob's Primary class. I was terrified. The lesson was on The Restored Gospel. I did not feel like I was equipped to teach it. After class the kids
all told me I did great & I passed. One of the kids went home & told their dad (that just so happens to be in the Bishopric) that she loved me & I needed to be a teacher. My heart raced when I read that. I told her I am way more comfortable with the little people. Teaching Primary for over five years the highest class I made it to was the six year olds. Anyway when class was over I had the strongest feeling I needed to go to Relief Society instead of Sharing Time with my class. I asked Jacob what he thought. He assured me they would all be good. I'm so grateful I was able to be there. It was a wonderful lesson Kim did an incredible job. I found this Awesome picture of Robert & Kim I love it.


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Thank you for sharing. It truly touched my heart!

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