Sunday, July 05, 2009

Two Months

How can it be possible that two entire months have gone by & I have not documented a single thing. Ok I'll try to do a update of what we've been up to. We got new phones in our house. Jakey loves to answer the phone & he loves to use the intercom & talk to me. He loves to talk on the phone more than I do which is a lot!

Most recently we took a trip to Boise with all of Ryan's family. We were able to hang out & spend some quality time together. My kids are so blessed to have so many wonderful Aunts, Uncles & cousins. One of my fave parts of our trip was when we were all out on these paddleboats at Julia Davis park. My sister-in-Law Kim saw a red dragonfly. She told me about it & I felt so happy that she saw it. Ry and I saw it & smiled. Red is one of Jaxon's favorite colors & dragonflies are definately his thing.It only seems right that all of us were out there on the river & having fun as a family when we saw it. I believe dragonflies are how angels can be seen on earth.

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