Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family Pictures

August 13th was Ryan & My 15th wedding anniversary. I told him all I wanted was new family pictures. My brother Kyle & his wife Lesley & their little girl Ella were up from Provo visiting. Lesley has taken our pictures before & does a fantastic job. I asked her if she would find a spot for a photoshoot & take our pictures. We had lunch with all my family at Iggy's.Ryan suprised me with 15 long stem gorgeous pink & red roses. Then we went and saw Angels & Demons. Good movie. Then we went & picked the kids up from my parents & changed our clothes for pictures. We met Kyle & Lesley down by the river & she did a great job at getting natural pictures of us.

I love photography & wish I could take such great pictures. Thanks Lesley for such a fun painless time. I think they all turned out super good.

Saturday the 16th was family day at Ryan's work NRF. We got to go out to the desert/site & see where he works. Ryans parents went with us. My parents kept Conor. It was a lot of fun. The kids got to shoot targets with a fire hose. We got to see alot of things that are always so top secret & confidential. It was a really neat experience. My parents kept all three kids & Ry took me out to dinner at the Outback. We don't get to go on alone dates very often. I usually feel guilty that we should take one of the kids so we can have one on one time with them. Not this time though. It was a fun date.

The kids are all ready for school to start on Monday the 31st. I'm not ready to have Jakey gone all day. I like having a routine, but I don't like all the comittments that go along with it.

Tommorow is Jaxon's B-day he would be 10. We we're going to go to Lagoon with Kyle & Lesley. However my Dad's older brother Jack passed away yesterday. We will be going up to Butte in the morning. His viewing is tomm. night,then the funeral is saturday. My brother Brandon is coming from CouerD'alene. It will be good to see him. It's weird to me that Jack's first wife Thelma passed away a couple days short of exactly a year after Jaxon. Her funeral was on the same exact day as his was a year later. Now Jack is having his viewing on Jaxon's b-day.

We have had a healthy & happy summer other than this week. I'm grateful we've got to spend a lot of time with family & friends.


Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures!! Lesley always does such a good job! I miss hanging with you guys! Its been too long! I love you!!!

Melissa said...

p.s. if you want me to update your blog with your new family picture and a different template let me know!