Friday, September 25, 2009

Quick Update

What a difference a year makes!
I was watching old home movies the other night & could not believe in the last year how much the kids have changed! They are able to do so many more things & are just so grown up.

Today Marli, Conor & I were driving in the car. We were listening to the Primary Music cd our ward gave us. Marli asked me "Mom, Do you know why I absolutely love these songs?" I said because they help you feel the spirit? She said "Yeah and because they are just so kind"! I thought that was pretty special. Marli is loving Kindergarten & has way more friends Than Jacob & me put together. She always has a friend over. She loves Primary & singing. Her teachers tell us she's amazing. She has an incredible memory & loves to draw.

Monday the 21st was Jacob's B-day #7. It's been an incredible journey the last seven years. Marli & I took 30 goodie bags to the school at 2:00. Jake was out at recess. Marli had the camera and took some really great pictures. We went out on the playground & found Jacob. It was so fun to see him playing with his friends. Jake asked for a Big Boy Birthday party this year. I asked him what that meant to him. He asked to have friends from school & church come to his party. I thought it would be better to have it on Tuesday my day off and also not FHE. I planned a really fun party. We had our friends the Marley's come over & about 10 kids. We had pizza, rootbeer, games, prizes & of course cake & ice cream.

Conor has been really growing up lately. I can see him turning into a big boy right before my eyes. Ryan's parents came over on Jacob's b-day. We made homemade pizza & hung out with them. I asked Conor to give Grandma Lyn a hug...he walked right over & hugged her so sweet. We were all a little surprised because it had been awhile since he had seen her. Then I asked him to give Grandpa Reuel a hug. He walked right over & hugged him. I was so proud of him. He's been riding the big wheels lately. He scares me how he flies down our steep driveway. At the very last second before he goes in the street he cranks the handle & turns. He laughs so hard every time. Monday he was running down the driveway & biffed it pretty bad. He landed on the palms of his hands & his little nose. Yesterday he was at my Dad's while I was at work. I guess he tripped & fell. He hit the side of his head & cheek on the edge of one of their in tables. He's got a pretty good bump & black & blue mark. Poor kid. He is 100% boy & goes mock 90 all day. When it's time for bed he laughs & is so happy when I tuck him in. He loves his Blue & white Winnie the Pooh blanket. He wants to have it with him all the time. When it's time to wash it he stands in front of the washer & tells me about it. "I want it he says" He cries for a minute until we go find some big trucks. He is absolutely obsessed with my parents new Jeep. He loves to go for rides in Papa's jeep. My parents bought him a black jeep to play with. When he walks in their house he goes over to where he left it & tells them to get it for him to play with. He's starting to really try to communicate with us & say more words. I can not believe he's going to be two soon. He had a blast at Jacob's party swinging on the big swings with his buddy Porter.

Work is going really well. I'm grateful we have all been healthy & getting used to the busy schedule we have. Ryan got a new glucose monitor that reads his blood sugar all the time. After several near death experiences...we are finally getting his diabetes under control. That in itself is a huge blessing.

Ryan took a vacation day today & went on a Harley ride with some friends. When he gets back he's going to watch some cage fights in Pocatello. My friend Linda is coming over tonight & we're going to watch a movie & make cards. Fun times!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the update Lori! I love you!! Fun to hear what you guys have been up to! What a blessing that Ry finally has a good glucose monitor!! Hopefully no more scary near death experiences!! Love your cute family!!