Monday, June 28, 2010


I have been seeing Dragonflies when I really need a reminder of just how close Jaxon is. I have been having such a hard time lately & Miss him so much. I LOVE this red one it really makes me smile. My favorite color is red & Jax would say his was red too!

So I have been thinking I really need a Ghost writer to post what's going on in our lives to this BLOG! I just do not have the time or Patience. So Wanted one ghost writer...I bought a lap top a couple months back & thought this will be perfect for updating our blog. Hasn't happened yet! Apparently I need to go to bed a hour earlier & get up a hour earlier...then I'll have time to do what I want. yeah Right!

I am reading a really good book that my Mother-in-Law let me borrow. I have bawled & bawled reading this book. It is helping me so much!

The kids have been playing pitching machine. They are on my good friend Kristi Bialas's team. Their team is The Chuckars. The kids have really been practicing & have improved a lot. It's fun to see them grow & interact with kids that go to a different school (West side).
Conor has been growing up so much over the last couple of months. He repeats everything we say. When the kids are fighting he tells them to be nice or to shut their mouths. Probably hears Ryan saying that. He LOVES to be outside. He is in love with his red Fred Flinstone like car. He drives it all over the place. He's getting more confident jumping on the big trampoline in our backyard. He follows Marli every where. She jokes that he is her shadow.

We have been spending every minute possible playing with the kids & enjoying our time together. the weather has finally warmed up & we are loving being outside. We took the kids to Toy Story 3 in 3D. They all loved it. We debated on taking Conor or not. The last movie we took him to was Alvin & the Chipmunks The Squeak-quel. He was horrible. I told him I wouldn't take him to another movie until he was 5. Well the kids have been watching Toy Story & Toy Story 2. He sat and watched all of them. I talked to him about going to the movie. He REALLY wanted to go. he surprised us all when he sat & watched the whole movie. He got a little restless at the end & sat on my lap with his favorite blanket. Which Ryan noticed the other day was starting to fall apart. I made it for Jacob when he was a baby. It's a Winnie the pooh blanket. Jacob never really was attached to it. When Conor was tiny he fell in love with that blanket & has slept with it & carried it around ever since. I was able to sew it back together & hopefully it'll last several more years. I took Jacob & Marli to Sam's club a few weeks ago. They had Woody & Jesse & Buzz dolls. The kids each picked out one. They are really nice ones. I remember looking everywhere for something like that when Jaxon was little he Loved Toy Story & Toy Story 2. The Woody & Jesse came with the horse Bulls eye. Last night Conor begged Jakey to let him sleep with woody. Jacob let him & when we went in to get him out of his crib today, he told Jacob thank you for letting him sleep with woody.

Ry had a doctor appointment today. Looks like he's doing well. The kids & I were happy he was able to go to their baseball game. We're planning vacation July 9th-14th. We traded our Island Park timeshare for one in Park City. Should be Fun. We're gonna try to fit in Lagoon, Hoggle Zoo, Rodizio's Brazilian restaurant with school shopping.

I need to remember to keep my chin up & be of Good Cheer! I have been struggling with the day to day stuff. I realized yesterday that our family has been blessed with so many blessings. I feel our prayers have been heard. I'm grateful that Ryan has been going to church with us. Jacob & I are hopeful he'll be able to baptize Jacob Oct. 9th. We found out that will be the day at church yesterday. I can't believe Jakey will be 8 in a short time. Wow!!! I really wish time would SLOW down! Please continue to pray for Ry that his heart will be softened & he will have the desire to be worthy to baptize Jakey. I'm so grateful for such a wonderful family & true friends.

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