Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fun with IPhoto

Marli and I were playing around on with iphoto on our new imac. When I watched this, she reminded me of her brother Jaxon. One time when I was videoing Jax at primary children's while he was in Bone Marrow. He was watching himself on the little view finder. He was really watching "What's Jaxon doing?" He had Cheetos in his teeth. he asked "What's wrong with Jaxon's teeth. Marli's little giggle takes me back to listening to Jaxon's sweet giggle.

I know this is pretty silly and freaky, but we thought it was Pretty Funny!


Melissa said...

lol! Thats awesome! I love photobooth! I've had a lot of fun seeing you so much lately!! Thanks for the fun girls night last night...love you!!

Kendria said...

So funny what can make us laugh huh? :0) I'm glad you are feeling better too -

idasale said...

Hey I was wondering were you guys took those family photos with Kyle's daughter we LOVE the back ground!!!