Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Time To Reflect

This last month has been a very momentous one. Huge changes have occurred in my life. Both professional and personal. I have taken the time to reflect on what I can do to simplify life. I'm grateful everything has worked out so well. I was completely stressed out with my boss selling the practice. I had the flu and was down in bed for over a week. I'm feeling happier now than I have in years. Life is Good. I have had so much fun hanging out with girlfriends this month. I went out every night the week of 15th. I had dinner with friends...lunch with friends...went to Confessions of a shopaholic. I'm so grateful to have family to help me and give me a break from life. I'm especially grateful for my health. It's hard to maintain a 100 MPH when you can't stop coughing and your entire body aches. So happy that is behind me.
Marli after church
Bath time fun

Little man Conor following dad around the house

Life is Hard....Marriage is even Harder! I'm so grateful that Ryan & I are committed to this marriage. We are committed to each other & to our children.

Ryan & I went to the L.A. Guns & Skid Row concert on Feb.19th. It was awesome. We went with two couples that Ryan works with. My Mom had all three kids sleep over at her house. It was such a fun night. The music brought back so many memories. It's what Ry & I listened to & partied to when we were dating. We let our hair down (figuratively speaking since Ry shaves his head) and head banged and just had a really fun time. Sebastian Bach was fired from the band. The singer Johnny has been with the band for ten years. I thought he was as good as Bach.

The kids & I have had a blast on our Imac. Jakey & Marli will both go down get on the computer and go to their favorite game sites. Right now its penguin

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the to hear whats been going on with you guys! We need to get together soon! Love you!!!