Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photoshoot With Lesley Day #2

I finally got the pictures to upload from the disc Lesley sent me. They all turned out so cute. Even though she's taken lots more than two photshoots of my kids I named this one two because it was day two in Provo with them.

When we went to the Draper outlet mall Marli picked out a panda necklace that came in a cute little panda. She loves to shop as much as her mama.

The kids got these fun suckers from Chuckee Cheeze with all their prize tickets.

Sweet little Conor

I love the Osh Gosh store in Draper. I got the boys some really fun matching shirts & shorts. They both like wearing matching clothes.

Jakey picked out this hat with his his prize tickets. Funny how we had a thousand tokens & I still ended up paying like $10 so they could get a sucker & a hat.

Ella Bella with Marli's sucker. When Kyle brought her to our hotel she was still in her Jammie's. I helped Kyle get her dressed & do her hair. It was so fun. Marli wanted Ella to wear one of her hair bows.
I Love this picture of the two girls. Their expressions are priceless. I'm hoping one day I can figure out photoshop & collage pictures. For now I'll have to settle for posting them this way. I'm so grateful Lesley captured these for me. I love them all!


Melissa said...

What sweet pictures!!! She does a great job! The kids look adorable as usual! :)

kim said...

I love the pictures! The kids are so flippin cute...we love you guys!

Amy said...

Your kids are gorgeous just like their mama