Monday, April 13, 2009

Pictures By Lesley

When we were in Utah visiting my brother Kyle & his family I asked Lesley to take some pictures of all four Grand kids. I'm working on a collage for Mothers day & one for my dad's garage for Fathers day. She sent me the disc & I thought I would post some of the pictures. I'll try & post some more later. These were mostly taken the night we went to dinner at Tucanos Brazilian restaurant.

Cute Ella loved sitting by Marli as much as Marli loved it. When we were leaving Marli said "Ella is the sister I've always wanted".

It was fun to put Conor & Ella next to each other. They loved touching & staring at each other.

My cute parents

Conor loves hats. He always has a hat on even if it's not his. He's wearing Jakey's Red sox hat here. A couple fun things Conor does is says "MINE" when he wants something someone has. Usually it's when you have a drink with a straw or food. His grip is way stronger than all of ours. If he wants something bad enough you CAN NOT get it out of his grip. Jakey & Marli know this & have lost many battles with him. He loves shoes (gets that from me). He will put on any ones shoes and walk around in them. He loves being outside. He stands by the door or window & tells you he wants out. He HATES the highchair. If your sitting on the floor he backs up & sits on your lap. He just started giving us kisses, where he tries to pucker up & kiss. So cute. The other day Jacob said the funniest thing about Conor that is SO TRUE "Instead of Danger around every corner, at our house it's Conor is around every corner". Conor locked himself in the bathroom by pulling out the bottom drawer. It took Ry a good 15 minutes to get him out. Conor LOVES making messes. He goes from room to room destroying all that he can get his little paws on. Anything on the kitchen table is fair game to him.

When we went back to Kyle & Lesley's the kids had so much fun playing with Ella's toys. We were surprised when Ella came over to Ryan. She was totally fascinated with his whiskers. She was so funny pulling on them.

Ella liked Marli's button on her shirt.

This is the only picture of me & it's quite a winner don't ya think? I must have eaten way too much by the expression on my face. I liked this one despite my goofy eyes being closed. It's fun to see everyone enjoying a meal together. (Minus Lesley cuz she's taking the picture) She got our cute waiter though.

This was while we were waiting to be seated. Not sure where Jakey, Ryan & I were?

We had the best time with My brother Kyle his wife Lesley & Ella. I wish we lived closer so we could hang out all the time. Thanks Les for taking pictures.


Kyle and Lesley said...

I love the one where Ella is feeling Conor's hair and he's like 'what the...'

love you!

Melissa said...

what a fun little get away to Utah! Conor just cracks me up...I can't believe he locked himself in the bathroom!! So funny!