Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Jake part two

When I asked Jake what he wanted for his birthday he said he wanted all of his family to come to his house for cake, and he wanted Koby to sleep over. I can do that.

Jacob's theme for his birthday party was Transformers. He can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD. When Koby came over and had a costume that was optimus prime the head of the good guys Jake was so excited. Optimus is on Jake's cake. Jakey was looking for a batman costume like Koby's. We couldn't find one. Koby brought his and Jake put it on immediately. The boys dressed up as soon as Koby got to our house. They stayed dressed up until it was time for bed.

Papa Bill was loving holding little Hailey. He was so cute with her. She kept looking at him not quite sure what to think of him. It was so cute.

Erin, Mark and Luke got Jake a cool Transformer poster. Jake was so excited when he realized what it was.

We had so much fun watching little Luke. He is such a sweet boy. He gave Papa Bill kisses and shared ice cream with Grandma Bette.(I didn't get pictures of him doing this...dang it) I love that little guy so much.

Uncle Mark was so nice to burn us a copy of Grandpa Mel's video that Eric and Melissa made. Thank you Mark!

I love this picture of Kenzi. She melts my heart when ever I see her.

After we sang Happy birthday to Jake ,we sang to Ryan. I was glad his family was here to sing to him. he has to work on his actual birthday. His coworkers got him a ice cream cake. He said they didn't have time to eat it at work. He brought it home and shared it with all of us.

I want to thank everyone for making Jakey's birthday so special. When I was helping him brush his teeth and getting ready for bed he told me this was the best birthday ever.


melody ross said...

I miss you guys so much...can't wait to come see you...hope it's really soon!!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKEY!

Erin said...

Thanks for the fun party batman, ninja-turtle, transformer JAKEY!

Rod, Kim, and Kids said...

What a fun night. Thanks for the fun party. I love the picture of all the grandkids with Grandma Phyllis. It was fun to see your parents, too. Your dad was so cute with Hailey...I think we just found a new babysitter!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Jakey...we love you!! Sorry we missed the party...looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

grandma bette said...

grandpa love babies he was so cute with hailey. I'm sure he would baby sit any time. I love little luke, I wish I had his energy. love you guys!