Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday night Koby and Jake were playing video games in Jake's room. They needed help with one of the games. They asked me to help them. I didn't know how to play it. Koby was so cute he went out in the garage and said " Hey Uncle Ryan we need your help"! Ryan came in and played with the boys for over a hour. I wish I would have recorded the laughter that was coming from Jake's room. The three boys were having so much fun.

Aunt Kimmi asked Marli to sleep over at her house with Kamri. Marli was so excited she has never slept over anywhere except her grandparents house. Marli loves Kamri very much. She keeps telling eveyone for her birthday she wants a rainbow cake and Kamri to sleep over. When everyone started showing up for Jake's party, Kamri and Marli went down in Marli's room. We never saw them again. They were playing so cute in her room. When it was time to go she was walking on air. Thank you Aunt Kimmi for making Marli the happiest girl in the universe. (I didn't get any pictures of the two girls together.)

You can see how happy Marli is here sitting by Kamri. I love this picture of all the cute little funny faces.

Ryan got up early and left to go up to Kelly canyon to ride dirt bikes. When the boys got up it was really early and told me they were starving. We were driving and noone was up yet and I told the boys we were up before anyone. They thought that was so neat. On the way to breakfast the boys had clipboards with pens and paper. They said they were buisness men they needed to get all their work done. It was so cute.

Papa Bill and grandma Bette invited us to breakfast. Koby, Jake and I met them at Perkins. I think the best part was watching Koby eat pancakes. He gobbled up two big pancakes and said they were so good, he wanted to come back tommorrow for more.


Rod, Kim, and Kids said...

These pictures are so fun! Thanks, Ryan, for helping my boy...what a fun memory with his uncle! Thanks, Lori, for taking such good care of Koby, and for feeding him pancakes...his all time favorite! We LOVED having Miss Marli, and will take her anytime! They had a blast...I will post pictures...thanks, again!

grandma bette said...

what a fun weekend! I love watching koby and jake together. They are so cute, we love watching koby eat all the pancakes.