Friday, September 07, 2007

Bye Bye Altima

With the new baby on the way we needed to get a bigger vehicle. I love my altima. It has been such a great car.

After tons of research and test driving practically every vehicle in town we found it....Our newest member of the family. The last month has been spent at every car lot in town and the surrounding area. Ryan and I knew what we wanted and wouldn't settle for something less. It was bittersweet the day we pulled on the Ron Sayer Nissan lot and found a black (galaxy) Nissan Armada. When the sunlight hits the black paint it has sparkles like outterspace. Well at least that's why I think they named the color galaxy. Rick Carter was working the day I bought my Nissan altima and he was there for us when we were ready to trade it in on the armada.

When we were test driving all the other vehicles out there Ryan could find something he didn't like about everything. I was getting pretty frustrated. I'm glad that he loves the armada as much as me. We even got Papa Bill's seal of approval. You know we're all Nissan freaks in this family. My mom and dad have a sweet Maxima that is so fun to cruise in.

Jake was so cute when we test drove the armada he said "This is totally awesome seven people can ride in here, that means I can ride in a different seat everyday of the week".

We love our new vehicle. It's prefect for our family. Bye Bye Altima.... Hello Armada.


Melissa said...

Your new SUV looks sweet!! I'm glad you are enjoying it!

Jim and Carrie said...

I love it! You guys are going to have a great time in your beautiful new Armada ... congrats!

Rod, Kim, and Kids said...

Love it! It is gorgeous! If there are enough seats for 7 people, that means you need to have more kids to fill the seats!!! Ha! Ha! I know you are laughing right now!!! Right?!?!?

Kyle & Lesley said...

It's beautiful, Lori... there's just something about black vehicles that get me every time. Probably because it's my favorite color. Can't wait to see it in person!

Nanny BILL said...

I love the two Angels in the back seat.Marli poo and my Sweet boy Jake.I love little people Soooooo