Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jakey & Marli 1st Day Of Pre-School

This year Jacob and Marli are in the same pre-school class. They have Mrs. Di and Mrs. Kristie as their teachers. This will be the only time in their lives when they will be in the same class. Marli has waited a very long time for this day. Jacob however is on the three year pre-school program. This is his third and final year. He'll finally go to kindergarten next year.

Marli is so excited to go to school with Jake. She Say's this is Jake's school. She was confused that she got to go to school before her fourth birthday. She had it in her head that when she turned four she would get to go to school. She won't turn four until October.

It was so cute when Jake got to the front of the line Mrs. Di gave him a big hug. They said how much they missed each other over the summer. I'm so thankful she is my kid's first teacher. She is the best. We love her so much.

It was kind of weird leaving them both at school. I was tearing up before I left Mrs. Di's. I was talking with my friend Michelle and started crying. Michelle's parents The Vandyke's were are neighbors on Circle S. I went to school with Michelle and now our kids are going to school together. Life is so crazy. Michelle was laughing at me that she was celebrating two and a half hours without kids and I was sad. It won't be lonely for long. Baby smith will be here soon and keep me busy until it's time to pick Jake and Marli up from pre-school.I'm thankful Marli has Jake this first year of school. I remember how hard that first year was on Jake. I would take him and he would cry. I always left feeling so bad. Marli will never be afraid as long as she has her big brother there. She may drive her brother crazy,but we wouldn't have it any other way.


Melissa said...

Those pictures of Jake and Marli are so cute! Marli looks so grown up for 3 years old! Thats so neat they are so close in age and can go to school together!

Jim and Carrie said...

Hey you ... your 'new' post just came up today!!! Crazy ... how fun that Jakey and Marli are in school together ... that's pretty dang sweet.

Erin said...

It's hard to remember Marli is only 3...she's so grown up already. Yeah for baby...can't wait to meet him.

Rod, Kim, and Kids said...

I love that they will get the chance to be in the same class. It has been wonderful for Koby and Kamri. They look adorable!