Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Official

Summer has definitely begun! Every year I buy the kids a new swimming pool. It's just easier to throw the old one away at the end of summer, than to store it all year. I think this year the pool is the favorite one so far. It took me forever to get it all blown up and put together. Even with the help of the air compressor.

I know I'm crazy, I do it every year....buckets and buckets and 7 to be exact of HOT water. I carry these to the pool so the kids have somewhat of a warm pool. I usually make sure it's not freezing before I say OK that's enough. However it is HOT out today 88 actually so I think they'll survive if it's only lukewarm. (Jacob took this picture of me)
Marli said her favorite is the flower that's a sprinkler. Can You see barbie floating by in the background? Marli made me go find a boy barbie so her doll could have a boy to play with. Like her and Jakey.
Jacob likes the slide.

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Melissa said...

What a fun little pool! We are going to have to come play sometime! You are such a nice mom to fill it with warm water!!