Monday, June 30, 2008

Yard Sale

Saturday I had a yard sale it was supposed to be 8-12. Call me dumb. I agreed to do a neighborhood yard sale back in May. There were twelve houses that were part of the madness. We each paid $2.00 for the ad in the post register and for the signs.

When I agreed to do it,I looked at Ryan's schedule and he was off.I've been cleaning out room by room over the last couple months and had quite a bit of stuff. Well Ryan left Friday afternoon for Kansas City. I was left to do the yard sale alone with three little ones. Not my idea of fun. My friend Nikki brought her stuff over Friday night. People in the neighborhood were out and I made $20 Friday night. My neighbor Sydney said people should have yard sales at night. People are out and it's cooler. I was up until 12:30 getting things set up. Saturday 6:30 came way too fast. At 7:30 I made my first sale. There were a few nice people. The weirdest part of the day was when this big female ( I would say lady,but she was no lady)loaded up a ton of scrap booking stuff. She offered me $5 I looked at her and said No that's over $40 worth of stuff. I said how about $15? She threw the stuff at me and started swearing. I laughed. Her and her mother got in their car and swore at me as they drove off. I had a couple people talking to me like Jakey's T-ball coach from last year (Kristy Bialas's sister). They couldn't believe how crazy some people are. Another lady paid me for a chalkboard/dry erase art board and never came back to pick it up. I left it outside for her. I'm thinking she forgot where my house is. Crazy!

Some friends stopped by and asked if they could bring their stuff over. They did and then left. I did a good job of keeping track on a notepad of what I sold for different people. I think it was way too much work to make $157.00. Nikki and her girls came over at 11:30 after the girls swim meet. At 11:50 we left the girls in charge and Nikki and I rode bikes through the neighborhood seeing who was involved with the sale and what they had left. We bought a few treasures from a couple friends. We went back to my house cleaned up. Anything left over went in bags. Jaimie came and picked everything up loaded up his truck and donated it to the D.I.

After everything was put away the kids and I ran a few errands. We picked up pizza from Papa Murphy's and called it a day. We had a fun time at home. The kids were so good for me. I was really impressed with them. Conor loved being outside. I was grateful it was Saturday morning, because the kids watched cartoons for most of the morning. I hope I never have another yard sale for as long as I live.


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