Saturday, October 06, 2007

Once There Was A Snow Man!

It snowed all day today. The kids were so excited. They asked me to watch Frosty the snowman with them in between conference. After we watched Frosty. Jacob called Papa Reuel on his own. He begged him to PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE come make a snowman with him. I was working on the rag quilt for the baby when all of a sudden I didn't feel so good. I went to lay down. To my surprise Jake came and took a nap with me. We must have been sleeping real good, because we didn't hear the phone or the door. Marli was sleeping in the living room. She came in all excited. Papa Reuel is out in the front yard doing something. I was like no way. So we got up and opened the front door. Sure enough Grandpa came all the way out to our house to make a snowman with Jake. Jake was like just a second I'll be right out. I have never seen him get dressed so fast in all my life.

When we lived on Circle S Grandpa Reuel made a snowman with Jaxon. He always said he was going to make a bigger one with Jax. They never had that opportunity. I was so touched that Grandpa was inspired to do this with Jake. It meant the world to my little guy. Grandpa you are the best. I appreciate you taking the time to come out and spend this time with these kids. They needed this so much. I'm sure Grandpa had a million things to do after conference before Priesthood meeting. He didn't even think about anything, but making Jakey's wish come true.

Jake told me when we were laying down for our nap..."When I wake up Grandpa Reuel will come make a snowman with me"! I didn't say anything. I never thought Jake would be so right.

Jake thought it was just as much fun throwing snowballs as making the snowman. He would get a little too excited when he would throw the snowballs at everyone. He was having the best time ever.

Marli wanted a snow dog. After they made this humongous snowman they made a snow dog for Marli. The three of these kids were having the best time. I wish you could hear the laughter. What an amazing day. The snow was so wet. Grandpa is so smart he made Frosty a chair to support him. It's a good thing,because he was so heavy he was starting to lean to one side.

When I asked Jake what the name of his snowman was he looked at me like DUH? Mom! Frosty of course. Marli said my snowdog's name is Frosty's snowdog. Ok then!

Isn't he the cutest snowman you have ever seen? I told Grandpa, Jake and Marli that Jaxon was smiling. I'm sure Jaxon was so happy watching this.


Rod, Kim, and Kids said...

What cute pictures! Dad is the best! He will do anything for these little kids...he loves them so much! What a special time for all 3 of them! I am sure Jaxon was smiling!!!

Melissa said...

Grandpa is the BEST! That is so awesome he came all the way over to make a snowman with the kids! It looks like they had so much fun!!

Jim and Carrie said...

Wow ... it's making me cry ... what a sweet afternoon for Jakey and Marli ... Jakey especially. He got to make his snowman!!! I'm sure dad's heart was tugged a bit with Jakey's call and request. What a fun experience for them to share ...

Erin said...

Ahhhh-how sweet! These pictures make me cry. I'm sure Dad was as happy as Jake and Marli! That's the cool part. I'm laughing so hard that Marli wanted to make a snow dog...I never would have thought of that!

Cami D. said...

Oh my gosh I am so glad I left before that snow happened since I don't own closed toe shoes! That is SUCH a cute post with the kids playing with Gpa - he is seriously the cutest grandpa EVER!

Reuel said...

Lori,I'm slow at searching your blog (I'm not a bloghead yet... I've only made it to the status of a blockhead).

I am so thrilled that you can capture the spirit of the moment. The first time Jakey threw a snowball at me he was giggling and it was so passionate that I instantly knew he was tickled. It was as if he had been waiting for a long time for this Charlie Brown moment, when he would know what it felt like to HIT someone with a snowball that he made himself. It was fun to see the troopers get into the spirit of the occasion. But let me tell you, in the future, keep an eye out for Jakey sneaking up behind you, and getting close enough to launch a surprise snowball attach. You'll have a clue its coming though, because for several seconds, you won't hear him telling you one of his famuous stories or experiences.

Marli was so cute, saying "GPa, would help me make a Snow Dog?", and "GPa, come and help me put on the dog's nose!" She is quite a focused worker. She knew what she wanted and kept after it till it was cooly enhanced.

Lori was accurate to say that the thought of not being able to make just one more snowman with her little Jax man, propelled me into action. [I didn't want to leave the kids, but President Hinckley was calling for me to try to be in my seat before Mark could get there to save a place for me (we have this unspoken contest to see who can get to the Church first to save seats for General Conference Priesthood Meeting. I rarely win.]

You are all coorect, too, in saying that I was having a ball. These little troppers can keep an old man quite young indeed, and always laughing and smiling.

Going to call again next snowstorm Jakey/Marli?