Thursday, October 11, 2007

Outback Fundraiser Lunch

My friend Devon invited me to a fundraiser luncheon that was being held at the Outback. I bought tickets awhile back and then when the day arrived I wasn't sure if I'd be able to attend.It worked out that my mom was off and came and picked the kids and I up to go to it. I went to the luncheon and then came home and was a good girl making sure to not over do it. They had a wonderful turn out and raised over $4,000. All the wonderful people from the Outback donated the food as well as their time to put this on. All the proceeds are going to Angel statue tribute that will be in Idaho Falls.There was a band and a raffle as well. My mom won two copies of the book that was the inspiration for the fundraiser. I read the book years ago and look forward to reading it again soon. They need $15,000 to complete the statue and are closer after this fundraiser. There are families that have lost children that are making this happen. The Author of The Christmas box Richard Paul Evans will come and dedicate the memorial once it's complete. This is such a wonderful addition to our community. Families that have lost a child have been invited to write a letter about their child. On the day the statue is dedicated the letters will be put inside the angel and will make visiting the Angel statue that much more personal. Ryan and I are going to write a letter about Jaxon.

Jacob took these pictures for me. He's getting pretty good behind the lens.

This is the book and at the back of the book it explains about the Angel statue. I've seen the one in Salt Lake city.

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Melissa said...

I'm glad you were being good and went home and rested afterwards!I hope you are doing okay! THat is so neat that they are doing the fundraiser to make the Angel Statue... it will be so special. I love that book, "The Christmas Box" by Richard is such a tender story!