Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Fun

I always look forward to Fridays. Sometimes it amazes me how much I can accomplish in one day. I took the kids to pre-school and we were five minutes early which in itself is amazing because it is on the other side of town. Then I met Ryan at B.A. Wackerli to drop off his truck so they can replace the mirror that I accidentally damaged, there going to rotate the tires and do a complete diagnostic on the truck. The warranty runs out on it in June. We wanted to make sure if it need any work we get it done before the warranty runs out. I dropped Ryan off at home. Then Conor and I went visiting teaching. I hurried back across town to pick the kids up from pre-school. Jacob was so funny when I got there he was telling his little friends about how cool his dad's Sony PSP is. Ryan lets Jake play some games on it and Jake loves it. After I got them all buckled in we dashed through McDonald's drive thru. I found out that you can get a bottle of Dasani water with your kids happy meal instead of soda. My kids prefer water to any drink so we were all happy to learn that. The kids ate their lunch and then we met Aunt Kimmie, her four adorable munchkins, Papa Reuel, Grandma Lyn, and Great Grandma Phyllis at Edwards Theatre. We were all excited to see each other and see Alvin and the Chipmunk movie. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera. When Kamri and Marli saw each other they hugged each other in the middle of the road. It was so cute. Jacob was very happy to see cousin Koby. I love Kim's kids and am always so happy to see them. They are so good to always hug me back whenever I squeeze them and love on them. I just can't get enough of them. I was lucky enough to sit next to Kamri. She saw the movie before and was so cute, she would tell me what was going to happen. We had fun singing along to the songs. Luckily all the other grown ups weren't within hearing distance of my singing. Jake was on the edge of his seat throughout the entire movie. In the kids pre-school Christmas program Jacob was Simon the chipmunk...he thought that was hilarious because he lives on Simon street. He was rock'in out and loving every second of the movie. Conor was a little pill. He was hungry so I made him a bottle. He must be spoiled because the water wasn't cool, but wasn't warm enough for him. Grandma Lyn was trying to feed him. He was telling her off. She brought him down to me. I had to finally stand up and rock him to get him to drink the bottle. Then he fell asleep. Kenzi is three and was so cute she came and sat by me. She asked me what Conor's name was... "What's her name?,Her's so cute,Her's so soft, I love her". I told her Conor was a boy like cousin Luke. When she would say "her" I would say yeah he's ...whatever she said. She was so cute with him. She would rub his head and love him. She shared popcorn with me. I told her I loved her and missed her. She said my name and told me she loved me. She melts my heart. The movie was really cute. Koby and Jake were upset that their time together was over. They are so cute together. Jake told me his heart was broken because Koby was sad they couldn't hang out any longer. I have to say I was a little heartbroken when I saw how sad Koby was.When Koby's feeling better we'll have to have him over so the boys can play. I loaded up the three kids and we were on our way to run a few errands before getting home a little before 4:00.

Thanks Kimmie for a fun date! The kids and I had a blast with you guys!

Ryan has to work tonight. He took a shower before work and it works so good for me to give him Conor and he washes him in the shower. We've done it with all four kids. Conor loves the warm water. He knows to close his eyes and mouth. He smiles when the warm water hits him.Then we ate dinner and got our Jammie's on. After getting some laundry done. I read to the kids and finally relaxed.

I'm looking forward to Saturday. Ryan will be home and we can hang out. It's hard the four days he works. They are long days. He's gone fifteen hours. The kids and I miss him alot. I'm finally feeling pretty good. The last couple weeks I've found myself really struggling. I have felt completely overwhelmed. I talked to my boss on Monday. He agreed to let me start working 8:40-4:40 instead of 8:30-6:30. It makes a huge difference. He was so nice about it. He told me I need to take care of myself, then my kids, then my job. I was pleasantly surprised by his attitude.

Here's a few photo's of the kids from the last few days.We were supposed to go to Provo tomorrow to meet my newest little niece. Unfortunately Ryan has to work Sunday so we'll have to post pone our trip. If blogger cooperates I'll post my first slide show soon of what we've all been up to.

Yummy Cheeto's. You can see Marli has the evidence all over her little face. No They weren't sharing with Conor.

This was taken in the morning before school on Monday.

Just chillin out on Mom's bed.

Jacob loves to feed his brother. Conor lights up when ever he hears Jacob's voice. Jake is Conor's favorite person. He's always smiling up at Jake.

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Rod, Kim, and Kids said...

Cute pictures! Thanks so much for going to the movies with was fun! Thanks for watching my girls at the movie! Conor was adorable...I loved holding him. Koby was sad, but we will get together another day, and they can play longer...sorry Jakey!