Friday, January 18, 2008

T.V. series "House"

Erin and Mark let Ryan and I borrow season one of the T.V. series House. We had never heard of it before. We are hooked. We don't watch much t.v. We managed to watch all of season one. Ryan returned it to Erin and she gave him season two. After the kids are in bed it's our new way of spending time together. The show is so good. I can't wait until we get to watch it again. Ryan laughs at me whenever I say " Are you ready to watch house"? Normally when we try to watch a movie I get up several times to do laundry or different things.I can never sit still. It drives Ryan crazy. He can sit and not move for hours. When we watch this show I don't move for several episodes. It really keeps my attention. Ryan and I try to diagnose the patients before the doctors. It's pretty fun.

Thanks Mark and Erin for Good,fun,free entertainment. We love this show, But not as much as we love you guys.

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Melissa said...

I think I could get into this show. I've watched it a few times and really liked it. Sounds like we are going to have to borrow season 1 from Erin too! I"m glad you guys have enjoyed this time watching House together.