Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ice Cream

This may sound silly,but I did something for the first time ever in my life. I bought my own half gallon of ice cream and actually ate it all. OK let me explain. I wasn't sure what I would be able to eat after having my tonsils out. I went grocery shopping at Albertson's prior to the surgery. I bought a assortment of frozen goodies. One of them being Bryer's light peanut butter ice cream with fudge. I have never really had a thing for ice cream. Sure it's good, but I've just never indulged in it. This is a odd thing in itself now that I think of it. Simply because being a Colvin the Colvin's love ice cream. My Papa John loves ice cream and so do all the kids. My Dad and Mom have a bowl almost every night. With that being said Ryan and my kids also love ice cream. We always have a few kinds in our freezer and I usually throw away half or partially eaten cartons. Last night my throat was really hurting and although I made dinner for everyone I didn't eat. After I had all the kids tucked in bed and I took a shower I thought I would treat myself to a nice bowl of ice cream. For some reason it sounded so good to me despite it being freezing outside. I went to the freezer and pulled out the peanut butter ice cream it was almost gone. Ryan has had a couple bowls with me over the last couple weeks, but for the most part it was me who has enjoyed the majority of this ice cream. I have partnered the peanut butter ice cream with a helping of bryers chocolate ice cream as well. So when I make Ryan or myself a bowl I put a couple scoops of chocolate with the peanut butter. When I threw the cartons away it was a weird sort of satisfying feeling that I started something and saw it thru to the end. I'm sure this sounds completely ridiculous. Thanks for letting me share this random information.

I feel the need to share one more thing. Some of the most memorable times have included Aunt Tare Bear and Cold Stone Ice Cream in Salt Lake. She turned me on to Cold Stone and we would get all sorts of fun flavors and enjoy them either at Primary's or the apartment. After having Cold Stone ice cream regular ice cream is well just boring. We now have one in Idaho Falls. Ryan and I have taken the kids there a time or two. It's so fun when you put money in the tip jar they sing fun songs.

I have to add that if I ever see or eat another Popsicle it will be too soon. I think I ate two and a half boxes of Popsicles over the last three weeks. I never even liked them,but they felt so good on my throat. Before I could leave the hospital the nurse had a certain criteria for me one being I had to eat so many Popsicles. I ate five. I do however love fudgesicles and there's even banana ones that I have had lately that are really yummy.


Melissa said...

Lori you are so funny!! I love that you just wrote this big ol long post on icecream! ha ha! I LOVE icecream too. Its always been a favorite dessert of mine! Love it! You are so awesome!

Reuel said...

I did it again. It's 12:27 AM and I'm reading your Ice Cream story. This addiction has got to stop I tell you!
I say we need to have an Ice Cream tasting (banana split) kind of party soon... as soon as I loose 15 lbs, so I can gain it all back eating Ice Cream!