Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tonsils and Adnoids

On December 20th I had my tonsils and adenoids removed. I had Strep throat 5 times and numerous sinus infections over the last year and a half. The doctor told me the reason why I can never get rid of my sore throat is because my tonsils are so full of infection that as soon as I stop taking an antibiotic the strep comes right back.
The doctor didn't know if he would have to take out my adnoids until he got in there.
I had no idea that when I left Mountain View Hospital after having Conor I would be back less than two months later. Ryan took this picture of me right before I had the tonsil surgery.

Notice I'm smiling real big. Obviously I'm clueless as what is about to happen to me.

Ryan took this picture of me the day after the surgery. I don't remember him taking this picture. As I have talked to my mom over the last couple of weeks I've realized I don't remember a lot of what happened right after the surgery and up to a week later. It's a terrible feeling to not remember things. I've talked to several people about this and they have reassured me that after having surgery it's normal to have memory loss. It's probably all the stupid drugs they give you.We went to the movie National Treasure two the day after my surgery. I don't remember walking into the Theatre or the movie or leaving. I do remember sitting next to Grandma Phyllis though. It's a good thing my parents kept Conor after Ryan had to go back to work. I'm so lucky to have loving parents that love their Grand kids so much. I thought they kept Conor for two nights my mom told me they had him five nights.I guess my dad would come and get Marli and I in the morning and then take us home at night to see Ryan. Jake and Conor stayed at their house so I could rest. I remember being at my parents house,but not going home or riding in the car back to their house. CRAZY!!!! Thursday it was four weeks since the tonsil surgery and I'm finally feeling fairly good. I haven't gotten my appetite back yet. My parents got us a Ruby River gift card for Christmas. Ryan keeps asking me if I'm ready for a Ribeye steak. Not yet, but hopefully soon.
I can't believe how long it has taken me to recover from this. I can breath so much better and haven't had a migraine, or sinus pain since the surgery. The throat pain isn't any worse than having strep either. It's just the ear pain and pain that goes with healing and being really tired that has been the worst part. It's amazing how much better a person can feel when their brain gets the proper oxygen.


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better! Sorry for all the trauma you went through with that whole experience. That is so weird you lost your memory like you did. I'm just glad you are finally getting back to normal! Love you!!

Reuel said...

Lori, wow that was quite the experience... I'm so thankful for your parents too, and for what I learn from them and their example. Sometime I'll tell you what your Dad taught me during Jaxon's trials and struggles. It's an experience that is emblazoned n my heart. Glad you are felling better as time goes by. If you ever worry again about loosing memory, don't try turning 50 cause, man, it's just plain terrible fun sometimes... Hang in there. Just as you were praying for Brandon, our family was praying along with many others for your well being. We care for and love you, Ryan, and your family very much.