Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Fun Times On Simon Street

I have really been enjoying the kids and trying to keep them occupied with fun activities. We've been baking chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. Yummy!

Jacob loved the Vanilla bottle and he was the one who got to add it to the batter.
I told him it was special vanilla our friend Linda got us when she went to Mexico. He thought it was even cooler.

Conor LOVES to pull his sister's hair. She is always telling him "No, No Conor don't pull your sister's hair"! He just smiles at her.

Today on the way to my office Jacob was riding in the front with me. He asked me what's electricity? I said I know who to call. Papa Bill is an electrician and he has the answer for that one. I dialed my dad's work #. I was surprised when someone other then my dad answered the phone. I asked if Bill was available. When the guy said yeah. I told him Bill's Grandson had a question for him. When he got on the phone Jacob said "Hi Grandpa,it's Jacob. I'm going to school. I have a question for you . What's electricity?" Papa must have been busy. He told Jake they would talk about it when he sees him next. I was surprised Jake said OK and said" I love you bye".
No matter what the kids are playing they always go over by Conor and talk, sing, or play with him. He loves the attention so much.
Marli is always asking to hold her baby. She does such a wonderful job of helping out and being a big sister.
I made french toast for dinner a couple weeks ago . We all love it except Jake. He's not into pancakes or waffles or french toast. I tried to explain to him that he loves scramble eggs and that's all french toast is bread dipped in the egg batter. Ryan and I finally talked him into trying it. He surprised us when.....

he dipped it in his catsup from his eggs. GROSS!!! He laughed and said "MOM, you have got to try this. It's so good"! So trying to teach him to have a open mind I tried it. Guess what it wasn't bad.

Marli....I really don't even know what to say. She keeps us all laughing. She's always entertaining us with her goofey'ness. I'm so grateful she is such a free spirit.
I came across this precious picture. We took baby Conor to Bob & Jo' s when he was three days old. Conor was laying on their couch. Marli kept loving on her baby.
Conor looks at Marli and kind of studies her . He doesn't know quite how to handle her. When she's wild he'll close his eyes and pull away from her. Then she'll be so sweet and gentle with him and he lights up.

Conor loves to lay on the floor and stretch out. I swaddle him so tight at night to get him to sleep good. When he wakes up if he can get his hand or arm out of the blanket he will not go back to sleep. He thinks he needs to eat. In the morning when I unwrap him he gets so excited. He stretches out and grins so big!
Conor's trying to move around. He'll push off anything he can dig his knees or feet into. He rolls from stomach to back really well. He can roll from his back to side and then on to stomach if he sees something he wants to grab and put in his mouth.

We've been playing with lots of play dough and cookie cutters and making our own way to have fun with it. Jacob made a fishing pole with his purple play dough yesterday. We've been painting and doing some fun arts and crafts too. Using the abundance of craft supplies I have in my craft room. Yesterday the kids found water guns in Jake's toy box. Before I filled them up with water I explained to the kids...there are three things you can not squirt OK? People, cars and animals. They agreed and off they went . They had a blast. No one came in screaming or bawling. They got more wet from my neighbors sprinkler than their water guns.


Melissa said...

Cute pictures!! I found some more toys that go to the saucer for Conor...we'll bring them this weekend! Can't wait to see you guys! Love you!

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