Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Conor Is Six Months Old

Conor's six months old today! Half a year already. It doesn't seem possible. We have enjoyed him so much. He's finally sleeping through the night. We put him to bed at 8:30 and he sleeps until 6:30. He started eating baby food. He eats half a small bottle of a vegetable and half a bottle of fruit for lunch and then again for dinner. So far he's had peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, pears, applesauce and banana's. He doesn't have a favorite. He just gets so excited when he See's the little spoon coming towards him. He keeps us smiling.

Conor loves his bed. He kicks and tries so hard to roll over when we lay him down. He is constantly grabbing his feet and toes. His favorite thing is to not have his feet covered with socks or anything and he grabs his toes and talks to them. He tries so hard to get them to his mouth. All it takes to get him going is for me to say "I see piggies, I see Piggy toes"

I love these P.J.'s on little man. Conor looks like he's ready to play some baseball. One, two, three touch your toes and "whine up"!
Don't let him fool you...he looks like he's ready to take a nap, but it'll pass in less than ten minutes. All the other kids would take two long naps. One in the morning like at 10:00 and sleep for a hour and a half. Then one around 1:30 in the afternoon and sleep for two hours. Conor takes a twenty minute "Cat Nap". If he hears any noise at all he's wide awake.

Makes me wonder why Heavenly Father sent him last!?! Because he is such a light sleeper. He hears everything. He acts like he may miss out on something. We all know how quiet his sister Miss Marli is. Hahahah!!!! It's pretty impossible to get Conor to nap when Marli is in the same zip code.

Meet Mr. Delicious! He is such a yummy little guy! I absolutely adore him!
Conor LOVES his baths. He gets so excited when I take him in the bathroom and he sees the water in his little tub. I love to pour water on him and watch his little fingers grab for the water. He Oooohs and Aaahaas when the warm water covers him. He never cries when I wash his head. He knows to close his eyes and mouth.
Marli is constantly hugging and loving "Her Baby"!
Jacob loves to use his brother as a adventure. He uses the laundry basket for a space shuttle. Conor lets Jake and Marli do whatever they want with him. He just watches them and smiles. He loves the attention.

Conor is one happy little guy. He loves music and loves to have people sing to him. When he gets fussy we just need to find some music or make our own and he is happy!
His brother and sister are quite fond of him.
He is very ticklish! He loves it when Daddy "Gets Him"!

Conor is always observing his surroundings.
He loves to laugh and make us laugh. The harder we laugh, the harder he laughs. He'll snort when he gets laughing.

Sometimes he seems so serious. I wonder what he thinks about. I watch him and am jealous of what he might possibly be looking at. Angels? Brother Jaxon? I know Jaxon is always close by. I have a picture of Jax in these same Jammie's swinging in this same swing.
He loves a good "Cookie"!
Oh Bubby...we love you! Thank you for being so brave and coming to our family. Also Thanks for putting up with your crazy family!


Erin said...

Oh he is so precious! I just wanna kiss his cheeks. He is so smiley and happy! You are lucky parents to have such wonderful children. We love you guys and hope we get to see you again soon.

Rod, Kim, and Kids said...

Conor is absolutely adorable! He reminds me so much of Jaxon! Give him a big smooch for me!

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