Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I just got a phone call from the producer of the show who wants to be a millionaire! I am going to be a contestant on the show. It will air in June! I have been trying to get on the show for five years! Wish me luck...you know I'll need it!

This is my dream come true! I will finally be able to see in NYC! Wow! It's amazing!

I can't believe it........And neither should you!!!

April Fool's! Everyone knows I wouldn't even make it to the $2000 question. Oh well! Who needs $ when you have a sense of humor. Hope everyone has a happy and uneventful April 1st! I woke Ryan up with yelling and excitement! He never fell for it for one second. He looked me in the eye and said do you even know how hard that show is. I told him he was mean and I wasn't going to share my good fortune with him. He almost believed me. When I told him ha ha April Fools he laughed and said good one. Pretty sad that my best friend doesn't have much faith in my ability to win on a game show even if it was pretend. I know he loves me for my brain! Yeah right!


Rod, Kim, and Kids said...

You got me! I was going to offer to go with you...dangit! Maybe one day, huh?!?

Kyle said...

You're hilarious!

Melissa said...

Lori you are too funny!! I wish you were winning a million dollars!!